Chet Hardin

Journalist, Web Developer & Occasional Rabble-Rouser

Web Developer

website for Ginseng Creative, one of my design partners

Ginseng Creative

Ginseng Creative, a boutique design studio based in Colorado Springs, delivers "original design, advertising and visual identities for clients of all sizes." I worked with Ginseng's owner, Tanya Shaw, to build this stunning, elegant and intuitive site. She supplied the design, and I supplied the code.

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website for Orange Energizing Solutions, a site built with my custom page builder and framework

Orange Energizing Solutions

Orange Energizing Solutions, "a leading provider of end-to-end energy efficiency solution," needed a fast, reliable, and SEO-rich WordPress site to drive leads. Working with designers and strategists, we built this site using our custom SASS/JS framework and page builder.

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website for AtomicKiki, which is currently undergoing a complete rebuild
New Year ... New Building ... New Site


AtomicKiki was "was born out of an enduring love of great mid-century design." Started in 2016 as an Etsy shop, owners Kiki Wright and Marc Finley will be opening the doors to the first brick-and-mortar location this year.

In preparation, their site (which I built on WordPress) is going through a complete overhaul. We will be integrating the Etsy API into a universal Vue app built on the Nuxt.js framework. It's an exciting project that we hope to have completed for their grand opening. Check back here for updates!

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I started my journalism career at the copy desk of a small daily newspaper in Saratoga Springs, New York.

From there, I took the position of news editor at the altweekly down the road in Albany. I covered everything from local politics to the now-notorious cult, NXIVM. My reporting was honored with the New York Press Association's Writer of the Year award.

Craving wide open spaces and craft beer, my wife and I moved to Colorado Springs. There I worked as a beat reporter, covering politics and religion for the local altweekly. My award-winning coverage helped expose alleged corruption at the top of the Colorado State Toxicology Lab. I established myself as a key voice in the political landscape with my investigative reporting into the state Republican party's costly civil war.

Everyone in Colorado Springs owes a debt of gratitude to Robert Henderson.

As the Waldo Canyon Fire swept down into the residential neighborhoods of Mountain Shadows, Henderson watched and wondered, "Is there a spiritual force driving that thing?"

He called together a number of people who, he says, have a prophetic gift. For hours, they prayed and prophesied to identify the demonic power responsible for the conditions that allowed for the fire's spread, then worked to nullify that power.

Strategic spiritual warfare, Henderson calls it, a strategy of battling demons through ritual and prayer.

"This is what Jesus did, when he stood on the bow of the boat, and said, 'Peace. Be still!' and calmed the weather," he says. "There are going to be those who mock and make fun, there's going to be those who laugh, but there's going to be others whose interest is piqued, and there will be others who say, 'Yeah, I believe that.'"